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August 8th, 2013, 10:36 AM
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I take my pre-natals, progesterone injections IM once weekly, and I take hydrocodone on an as needed basis for pain. I was on Lyrica before getting prego and I loved how it wasn't a narcotic and it was actually something that really helped with my nerve pain but since it's a newer drug my OB wanted me to go back to the hydrocodone. I usually end up cutting it in 1/2 becuase I don't care for the feeling it gives me but sometimes i can't avoid taking it. For me on the days my ankle pain (I have 8 pins and 6 wires and a severed nerve) gets to be too much it causes me to feel panicky and I get a very rapid heartrate and usually hyperventilate so this seemed to be the best option. On so so pain days I just take tylenol and tighten my brace.
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