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August 8th, 2013, 07:04 PM
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There is another option... Adoption. Most selfless thing a mother can do for her child. They make them "open" too. Giving your child who can not have one of there own and know your child will be well taken care of.
I was placed for adoption first born and am grateful for it and do not look at my biological parents and are angry with them.
Personally I feel give that child a life. If he does not come around and can not financially support it then find a nice adoption family. I have an amazing relationship with my biological mom. Talk all the time, see each other when we can.
I am truly sorry for having to go through all of this. Is not right he is doing this. Most likely he is just fearful and reacting. If you go through with it, I feel you would regret it. Plenty of people I am close with has had an abortion and regret it to this day.
Good luck and pray. God will show you the answer!
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