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August 8th, 2013, 11:01 PM
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If you are willing to pay someone to do the cloth diaper covers, what about contacting someone on Etsy? ( it's a crafty website where people make stuff and sell it, and I bet you could find a zillion people who would be willing to do it for you. I'd just look for a seller who already makes and sells diaper covers in a style that you like the looks of, then contact them asking about their prices for doing it with your materials (you could ship it to them for not too much, I'd think, if you don't mind it going "slow boat").

As for sun drying, totally not necessary, the reason it can be helpful to do at times is that the sun bleaches out the stains on the fabric. But my method was just to wash (usually hot water is recommended, but I did cold water and bleach), give them an extra rinse to wash out ALL the bleach so it didn't burn the baby's bottom, and then dry as I would regular clothes, but without the fabric softener. I've seen articles that say if you put a ball of foil in the dryer it works to soften your clothes, etc. You could look up natural fabric softeners if you feel that the diapers aren't soft enough otherwise, but I just used cheap-ish cloth diapers (just the old Gerber prefolds) and they seemed just fine with no dryer sheets. You just don't want anything that leaves a residue on the cloth is all, otherwise over time it can block the weave of the fabric, making it less absorbent and prone to leaks.

As for your diapers that say they're extra thick and don't need a cover, I'd probably still do a cover anyway. With Kody sometimes he will hold his pee and then whoosh! let it all out, and it can overwhelm a diaper sometimes. Plus covers can be nice as a second "fail-safe" for poop blowouts, in case they go out the diaper, the cover is a second chance to catch the poop.

For sure invest in flushable liners, well at least once baby starts making a little more solid poops, because you diaper up the baby with the liner inside, and then when they poop you just pick up the liner, throw it in the toilet with the poop, and then wash the diaper--no rinsing off the poop beforehand needed. So slick! I did that with Ethan when I did CDing around the 2 year old mark, and it worked great.

If baby pees through diapers too quickly, you can just double them up. With Ethan (granted, he was a 2 year old at the time, so he had a lot of pee), I would put on 3 cloth diapers for bedtime and a plastic cover over top. Daytime was 2 cloth diapers. Worked well.

They have all sorts of neat helps you can buy, like a hose attachment that goes on your toilet for rinsing diapers, a "wet bag"...a bag you can toss diapers into while you're waiting to do laundry, so they don't stink, but honestly just a bucket and a place to stash it worked fine for me. You can put some water and a little baking soda in the bucket, then toss dirty diapers in there, then just wash the whole lot when you have enough accumulated to do a load. I actually would just leave a little water in the bottom of the washing machine, put a little laundry soap in, and toss dirty diapers there. Then, come wash day every 3 days or so, I'd drain the dirty water out, then toss in more soap & bleach and start the load. It worked out ok for us because I only needed to do regular laundry about once a week. So on that day I'd just put diapers in a bucket and do the clothes, then put the diapers back in the washing machine.

Plastic diaper covers you can reuse a few times if they're just a little wet with pee, or you can rinse them out, hang up to dry, and reuse the next day. I usually just washed them when they got poop on them or after they'd been reused a few times and/or if they started to stink.

Hope that's not too much info! I'm not sure about the diaper rash cream, but with Ethan, I used A&D ointment, and it wasn't a problem. I think normally you are supposed to get a special kind that's compatible with CD's, but if you use the flushable inserts, it protects the diaper from coming in contact with the cream.

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