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August 9th, 2013, 07:54 AM
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For the first few months I wasn't able to eat hardly any fresh fruits and veggies. They all made me sick. I survived ONLY on spaghetti with tomato sauce. Now that my nausea is gone I can't get enough of fruits and veggies! Cold oranges, red apples, mangoes, and frozen grapes are all I have been wanting to snack on lately. Either broccoli, squash, carrots or potatoes have been included in my lunch and/or dinner everyday for the past 3 weeks (lol).

What's really weird is green beans still make me sick even if I eat them with a variety of other things. It was the exact same with Clyde. He must have hated green beans because even during my 3rd trimester, if I ate green beans there was no way they would actually stay down. I craved healthy food during my first pregnancy also, but my #1 craving was ground beef. I wanted hamburgers or Shepherd's pie with ground beef all day everyday. Oh, and ice cream!

DH showed me a coupon sent to his email for a huge chocolate chip cookie served in a skillet with ice cream on top. He was like "OMG doesn't that look soooo good??" I said "Ehh... It does, but I rather have a caramel apple." <-- (One of my favorite treats in fall!!!!!!!) LOOOVE me some caramel apples, pregnant or not!!

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