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August 9th, 2013, 10:35 AM
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McKinley had her 2 month well check today and shots

She is almost 10 weeks (can't believe I just typed that!!!). She was 23in (75th percentile) and 9lbs 10.5oz (8th percentile). She only gained about a pound in the last 6 weeks so we have to go back in a month to check her weight to make sure she isn't falling off the chart. I'm not concerned because Kiefer was and still is a very slow grower so I think she is just going to be little like him...however, the dr wasn't convinced. Her normal pedi is out on maternity leave so we saw the other dr in the practice. I like him and I've seen him before but he just doesn't seem as pro-breastfeeding as our normal dr. He suggested that I start supplementing with formula to see if she might gain more going that route. I don't want to do that though because I know from experience that is slippery slope to take. If I start supplementing, I'm afraid my supply will drop and then eventually that will be the end of our breastfeeding adventure.

Ugh, so frustrating. At least her normal dr will be back next month. She is very familiar with Kiefer's slow weight gain and growth so at least I know that if Mac is still on the small side we will have more support.

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