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August 9th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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a quick background: i graduated high school last year at 16, started college at the nearest cc, living at home. boyfriend moved in this past january, we got pregnant around february, i'm due the end of november. we both got straight a's our first semester, but the second semester, he didn't go back because of financial issues and i flunked out because i was so sick from being pregnant (i didn't know i was at the time, i thought i had cancer or something).

now, it's time to go back. my financial aid is due in 6 days. it's being processed, but when i called my campus earlier, they were unsure if it would be completed before the deadline. i really don't want to go back and only am because i still live at home and it's what my parents want. with a baby due around finals week it just seems irresponsible to go back now. Nate still isn't because he wants to make as much money as possible before we move in the spring.

the classes i'm taking are all online. there's six of them this semester. i work, i'm having a baby, and i just plain don't want to have to handle one more responsibility right now. if the aid goes through, i'll be getting so much money, my refund check at the end of the semester will be more than i'd've spent on actual school things. Nate's looking forward to that money helping us move. i feel guilty but i'm hoping the process takes longer than six days so i don't have to worry about classes on top of everything else.

the worst part is, Nate wants to go back. he never wanted to stop but my parents had agreed to pay his fees then never did, so he had to and it took him awhile to save up, and he missed his deadline for the second semester. now, he feels it's his job as the man in our little family to be the monetary provider so he's working as many hours as he can before spring.. his peace of mind was that i'd have a degree and would be able to get some sort of above minimum wage job and then it would be his turn to go to school.

i guess this is more of a rant, because i'm not sure what i'm asking. i was just scrolling through the forums and saw this one, and i needed to tell this to someone who might understand.
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