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August 9th, 2013, 05:49 PM
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I started two weeks ago to the day. I am pretty careful. I use almond milk - which really helps me be able to still enjoy some foods. I say I am about 99% dairy free. If the label says less than 2% milk then I still use a little (such as Smart Balance for butter). In addition, if it says it is processed in a plant that contains dairy, I still eat it. However, I usually try to look for Vegan items (at Wegmans' their brand has a V on it - if so, I know I am safe). At first it is hard, then it becomes easier. Here was today's meal:

* Coffee with almond milk
* Sobe life water
* Pop Tart (please no judging - I needed something sweet) - You need to look at the box - some do contain mil.
* Banana
* Penne Pasta with marinara meat sauce
* bread with olive oil
* Water
* Steak Sandwich (no cheese)

We also do:
Salmon with brown sugar and pepper on top
Rice with Smart Balance
Steamed veggies with smart balance
Some brownies are OK
Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots in the crock pot
Grilled Chicken breast with bbq sauce
Fresh fruit (I get lots of melons, chop them up on a Saturday and keep them in the fridge for something fast).
Cereal with almond milk
Almond Milk Smoothie

Generally I find I can do a meat and fresh veggies and fresh fruit. The hard part is eating out (cause everything is made with butter) and processed foods are nearly impossible.

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