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August 10th, 2013, 06:15 AM
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Sharon - What made you decide to send the kids to public school?

Anyways my update would be that I'm 23 weeks pregnant with a boy. This baby came as a suprise and I've had a hard time dealing with that, so i haven't enjoyed being pregnant like I should. I'm excited to be a mom again, I just wish it was under better circumstances. The dad is an old high school 4h/youth rodeo friend i've known for over a decade. We started dating last year and things were wonderful! About the time (March) things were getting serious and engagement was just about to happen I found out he'd been having an "emotional affair" for 3 months and had even taken the girl on a date. I ended things the morning I found out, that afternoon I found out I was pregnant.

As some of you may remember, my marriage with Wyatts dad ended because he had been having affairs.

Anyways we are trying to work it out. But it has been a slow process.

Other then that Wyatt is doing wonderful. He is a sweetheart with the best personality. He has the best smile and everyone just loves him. His speech seems to be a bit slower then the rest of this group but it's coming along. We deal with a lot of regression issues because of his visits with his father. It seems like everytime his dad pulls a stunt, Wyatt goes backwards for a while. But we work through it! I would honestly be lost in life without my little guy.

An update with me I guess would be I got my EMT last year and I'm hopefully starting Paramedic school this spring. I want to take a hybrid online/classroom version which will hopefully allow me to stay home with my LO's for about 2 years. Hopefully I can get that to work out for me.

Here's Wyatt

And an added bonus shot! lol
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