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August 10th, 2013, 11:21 AM
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CONGRATS jenilope on your baby girl!!!!!

mommy have a great girls day!!

Starchaser did you get the vaseline out?

Mil- thats so sweet of your to do that !! You are very blessed, enjoy the wedding!

Mom26th--Sounds fun, its always nice to go back to that 'place' that sparked it all!!

UM --you are so busy I dont know how you can do it!! kuddos!!

FW--hope it turns around for you !!

Anyone of you experience alot of PP bleeding and returned high BP after delivering? How do you know whats normal and whats not? Im not sure but I thought I had my period at about 2 weeks after delivering and now last night at 4am ( sorry TMI ahead ) but dark red blood was just pouring out of me. and when I sit on the toilet. its still coming but stops for bit then comes right back. I guess I should call my Ob but I just HATE going out with baby and I just dont want to go in there!!

anyone experience this and it was " normal " ??
(sorry if this topic doesnt belong here. I did post it in my DDC but its super slow there and also I thought theres alot more experience here. )
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