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August 10th, 2013, 04:19 PM
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I havent been here for awhile. But Im really scared and confused and hoping for some support or if anyone can relate or has experienced what Im going through too.

I finally got a bfp on June 29 after 2 years of trying. I was about 14 dpo or 4 weeks. Anyhow the next day I started to bleed heavily and with clotting, with it lasting for 3 days. I thought it was over for me. Called the dr., she said it was most likely a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage was in progress. She had me come in for blood draws. On Aug 1st (17 dpo) and my HCG was 65. Good for 4 weeks. Then again on the following monday (Aug 5th) and my HCG levels was 210. Good for 5 weeks I think?
So she had go for a ultrasound at 5 weeks and 4 days, both vaginal and reg. Both sound nothing. No sac, or anything. They checked my fallopian tubes, nothing either.

I go back on monday the Aug 12, (I will be 6 weeks exactly) for more blood draws to see if my levels are going up or down. So the doctor called me today on a Sat, to tell me she is worried it could be ectopic since there wasn't a sac at 5W4days and wants me to go to the ER for another ultrasound today to check again and get more blood drawn. But I feel like getting an ultrasound two days later won't show anything different than it did being that it has only been two days!
I feel like waiting a week for another ultrasound might be better. I don't know what to do....I guess there is no harm in getting another one. But I just think it's extreme to check for an ectopic 48 hours later.
So Im very concerned and confused! I still have positive HPT's and they seem to be getting darker. I have no symptoms except these weird twinges on my right side of my uterus area once in a while. Has anyone had a happy ending with no sac, and heavy bleeding at 4 weeks? Could this be a chemical pregnancy that is showing positive HPT's still 10 days after bleeding? Or an ectopic that wasn't discovered? Or maybe it's a viable pregnancy that is too early to detect? But I have no symptoms except the weird twinges and I bled heavily for 3 days? Im so confused? Iv'e been so emotional and crying, but don't know what to do. What do you guys think? I not sure I even want to go to the hospital like the Dr suggests...Any words or encouragement or advice?
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