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August 10th, 2013, 09:15 PM
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so since the kids will be with us until the night before school I went ahead and got their school supplies, well 95% we still need three things I couldn't get at wal mart plus they need to pick out back packs.
we thought tax free weekend was next weekend(it usually is here) when DH and the kids would be here so that's when we planned on getting their school clothes, but it was this weekend.. I had coupons for Sears and The Childrens Place, both of which were having tax free weekend sales.. so DH told me to get them a couple outfits, so I did.. three each(saved $100!)
anyway, BM is P***ed that we did that..
She's had EVERY year to get them the stuff and 90% of the time the kids don't have supplies and she waits until the very last minute and then cries to DH for money to do get it..
DH told her she could get the rest of the supplies and their back packs and take them clothes shopping herself, she said she didn't have the money for it.. well that's why WE DID IT..
she's figuring out that she's screwed herself out of extra money by moving close to us, now anything they need we can just get it for them and not have to give her any money besides CS.

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