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August 10th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by alittlelost View Post
I've seen this video before! I think it's pretty neat
I wouldn't say I WANT my husband to go through that, but I would be CURIOUS how he would react/what he would think of it if he did. Hard to say if it really stimulated labor as effectively as it could have since I didn't try it myself lol
when I saw my husband suffering from his kidney stones I was so irate because no one was doing anything for him I was walking back and forth from him to the door and kept looking down the hallway. I was very happy when they finally gave him some pain meds.

Makes me wonder how he feels when I am in labor, but I think sometimes he takes it too lightly. One time, he started chanting some "push em out" song and smiling. I wanted to slap him. Other times he yawns like he's bored. I warned him this time he better not do those things!!!

I don't know if those guys were just "playing it up" but, they really did look like they were going through labor
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