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August 10th, 2013, 11:15 PM
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I had/have that issue. My son's name is Douglas Wyatt. He goes by Wyatt because we both hated Douglas, but had to honor family. He's almost 7 and I LOVE the name now. It totally fits. It took a couple years, though, to get used to it.

My oldest dd's name is Ryen Jaede. I wanted something different, but let the hubby decide. I was okay with it at first because it was so "different and spunky." Now I'm like, "Ugh, why did I let him win?" She has a tough time with it and hates that she's the only girl with a boy name. And it doesn't help that her hair has been short since she was 3. She's constantly called a boy and she hates it. I started really hating her name a couple years ago. But, I don't know, we just deal with it and move on. She does have the option of going by a different name if she wants, but she has chosen to just stick with Ryen.

Also, my last dd's name is Penelope, but she goes by Poppy. Rarely does anyone call her Penelope. When we were deciding her name after she was born, the hubby decided at the last minute that we needed a "full name" to put down, not just Poppy. So she was to be only Poppy up until that point. Penelope is just a vessel, which would be the same for Yvonne/Eve. It works.

In the end, honoring always wins out. Give it some time, at least you have the fallback option. Ryen can't fall back on anything because Jaede is equally awful! Haha.

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