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August 11th, 2013, 12:42 AM
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Since its so short I will start at the beginning of the day.

Friday August 9, I got up n wasn't feeling good but that's normal. I decided I was gone work through it though. I cleaned my balcony, kitchen livingroom, bedroom n started washing n separated clothes. I had this all done b4 12pm n just laid down n relaxed for the rest of the day. I didn't cook. Kids just had a quick meal. Once husband got home, something told me to go over the after labor plan, since I was to be admitted on 15 at 10pm n induced on 16. We went over it n I decided to go to bed. b4 bed my son was moving so hard that I thought "I'm so shocked he hasn't broke my water"......

Around 3:15 a.m I had some pain n since my son movements usually hurt, I thought that was it. Husband heard me when the pain hit so I told him to help me sit up. Once I sat up I felt something that I can only describe as a gas bubble move down my stomach n than I just felt a gush. I hurried n stood n sure enough water start leaking down my leg. I told the husband "get up my water broke" he looked at me n said "r u sure?" I just gave him a look n pointed toward the wet spot n ran to the bathroom n use it. I told him I wanted to hop in the shower real quick. It wasn't 5 mins later I got out n he was just sitting on the bed in a daze. I said "Terrell get up n get the girls up n dressed." That's when contractions start hitting (it was not bad at first) I was calm n start issuing orders. My husband was frantic n didn't know what to do till I told him. Contractions was kinda all over the place sometimes 3 mins others 10 or more. We finally got out the house n took kids to their great grandparents house. Since I was so calm husband wanted to stop by a gas station for a drink n I told him unless u want me to deliver in the car go straight to the hospital. The contractions start getting stronger. We got to the hospital close to 4 the contractions at this point had me screaming. I asked about an epidural, of course the Dr on call was at home n had to get there. I was in so much pain n was dilated to 4cm so something told me I wasn't gone get my epidural in time, but of course I was still hoping like hell I would. Guy finally got there n was really nice but I was in so much pain n was scared I might move. I somehow stayed still, he put it in n once done I got checked n was 9cm n pain was still coming n coming stronger (n it was so much pressure on my bottom). The delivering on call Dr came in n was like okay lets push n I'm like "WHAT? ALREADY? THE EPIDURAL HASN'T KICKED IN YET" he said, it's time. I did three pushes n the Dr pulled out my son who was born at 5:42. He was 6lbs 12oz n 20in long. That's when the stupid epidural kicked in (so mad). They wrapped him up n put him on me n I forgot about everything including the pain. He is gorgeous. I immediately fell in love. So I had what I would call a natural birth since the epidural didn't kick in till afterwards. I'm proud of myself n never thought I could do it.....

Well that's my story n will add pics once I get home to a computer. Sorry about grammar n all that since I'm doing it from my phone n copying n pasting here.*

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