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August 11th, 2013, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ReaganorDean View Post
Hi Kendal. Have you tried any early intervention services for Wyatt for language? I had Reagan evaluated when she was 18 months old, but unfortunately she was just on the borderline and didn't qualify. I also had her evaluated by a private speech pathologist who treated my brother. She said that Reagan was a little behind, but agreed that she didn't meet the criteria for services.

I've heard that kids have really blossomed with a little extra help, and I think a few moms have used them on this board.

I agree it doesn't help with your ex pulling crap.
I honestly don't feel he needs any help and it's never been suggested to me by anyone else he's around. He goes through phases where he is very chatty. He knows how to say things and will speak in full sentences, he just usually will revert back to the gibber jabber. No matter what is coming out of his mouth it's always been fluid. He was one of the early ones to say his first words. I think he's more just going through regression and then being lazy. I have to remind him to use his words and then often I walk him through full sentences which now he's finally starting to do on his own... like "I want a drink please mama" vs "uh uh uh mama mama drink please"

I have noticed though he is lazy with some sounds. Like his t's, but he can say them. He cannot get the W sound figured out yet at all. Water sounds more like Aqua and I can't even describe how he says his name.
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