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August 11th, 2013, 04:12 PM
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Friday night I lost my mucus plug but had no contractions whatsoever. I woke up Saturday morning and felt like I was leaking. My water broke in my first pregnancy and it was also a leak, but much more defined. This was very slow so I wasn't convinced anything was really happening. I decided to go ahead with my day as planned and figured it would probably stop on it's own. We went to the local Art's Market and walked around for about 45 minutes and then headed out to our favorite pizzeria for lunch. I was completely wet by the time we go to lunch, but I still was unsure since it was so hot outside. We went home and I continued to slowly soak pads. At the urging of my mom and husband, I decided to call it in. She told me it was very unusual to have a leak so slow but that it was better to be safe than sorry and asked that I go to L&D to be checked. We arrived there around 3:30pm and they hooked me up to the monitors and did a swab to check the fluid. The swab was negative and as expected, the monitors picked up absolutely nothing contraction wise. The nurse checked me and I was still 2cm and about 60% effaced. We went home and I cried the whole way. Despite my own skepticism, I had gotten my hopes up. I was worried I was going to have to go through with the scheduled induction for Tuesday and it was all my own doing. I really never thought I'd make it to Tuesday, but in that moment, I felt like it was definitely going to happen and I was both mad and scared.

The next day was business as usual. I was feeling a little sorry for myself and just taking it easy around the house. Around 4:30pm we decided to head to Bono's for some barbeque. As we were discussing the dinner plan I had a contraction. It was different than any I had had before. It started in the front, but low, like period cramps and then radiated to my back. The back pain was awful and the whole thing made me double over in pain, however, it was so brief that I didn't think anything of it. In fact, it made me mad all over again that I was probably now having false labor. We headed off to dinner and the contractions continued. I can't say exactly how far apart they started out because I was trying to ignore it. All I know is that once they came on they came on strong and fairly close, but they did not last long at all. Everything I read told me that contractions should last 30 seconds to a minute long and I was holding onto that like it was the word of God himself. By the end of dinner my husband was telling me that I better start timing them because there was no way this was false labor. I ignored him, of course. We got home and I decided to try a warm bath to see if they'd taper off. I called my mom to give her a head's up but I totally downplayed the pain I was really in. I downloaded an app to time the contractions after I came to the conclusion that the bath was doing absolutely nothing. They were averaging 24 seconds long and coming every 2 minutes and they were getting more and more intense. My husband urged me to call the doc, but I insisted they had to be 30 seconds long to mean anything.

As I sat on the couch and rocked back and forth through the contractions, my grandmother showed up at the door. She took one look at me and told me to go to the hospital. After another 10 minutes of contractions I finally called the doctor. I told her how short they were and that I was afraid of being sent home and she told me to drink two glasses of water and see if it helped. My grandmother quickly informed me that she though the doctor was an idiot, but I downed one glass of water anyway and called my mother to come get Haeden. The contractions continued at the same rate. As I waited for my mom to arrive I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. Every time I stood up I doubled over in pain as it brought on an immediate contraction. I tried to sit on the toilet and felt immediate pressure but I had to endure because suddenly I was having a bout of diarrhea. Great timing, I know.

My mom arrived in record time. I saw her and immediately started to lose it. She asked me if I was feeling pressure and I told her yes and she started freaking out and saying it looked like I was pushing when I was having a contraction. They rushed me out to the car. My husband made the 40 minute drive to the hospital in probably 20 minutes. When he wheeled me into L&D the nurses tried to make us go downstairs to check in at registration. He was arguing with one of them when another told her that reg could just come up if needed. They took me to a triage room and handed me a gown and cup. She helped me into the bathroom since I, of course, had another contraction as soon as I stood up. I sat on the toilet and immediately felt the need to push. I hobbled to the door and yelled for help. Two of the nurses helped me back to the bed and decided to wheel me to a regular room to check me. At this point I was starting to lose it because I knew I was about to give birth. The nurses wheeled me to a delivery room and took off my pants to check me. I was ready to go. They helped me transfer to the other bed and told me that we were about to have a baby. At some point here my husband re-joined us after parking the car. As soon as she told me I was going to have the baby I said, "Oh, so I guess I'm not getting any drugs!" I was trying to laugh but I was really starting to panic because of the pain. The nurses were super great and reassuring, but I'm not really sure I heard much of what they were saying. My clothes were half on and the bed had not even been broken down yet and I was pushing. I screamed out in pain a few times and then kept apologizing. I'm not sure why but I felt really bad for being loud. I don't know how many pushes it took but it was quick. Really quick. And OH MY GOD DID IT HURT.

Audrey was born at 8:46pm on August 4th. She weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 20.25 inches long. We had not even been at the hospital for 20 minutes and I had my beautiful baby girl in my arms. No IV. No drugs. No doctor. Not even a hospital gown!
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