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August 11th, 2013, 07:03 PM
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I don't stop in here much, but I was killing time tonight and saw this. I understand not wanting to upset the ILs when you live with him, but he definitely needs evaluated, and should qualify for sure. My son has been involved with Early Intervention since he was 19 months. The pedi referred both he and my daughter then for speech. At the time my son had maybe 2-3 almost words, but rarely used, and my daughter maybe 6-7. My daughter we ended up never having officially evaluated, because by the time we started their process she had picked up a lot an based on their basic questionnaire we didn't think she would qualify (at 26 months she is talking up a storm, so that was the right decision). My son on the other hand definitely qualified for both the speech and the social/attention type aspects. He reminds me a little of what you describe in your son, because he would throw terrible tantrums after his nap if he was woken up from it (usually by his sister). He wouls just be inconsolable for a while. At the time we honestly weren't sure he even understood us. We knew he could hear, but there was no recognition or even acknowledgement of what we said. He started speech therapy twice a week at 19 months and once a week with an ITDS (Infant and Toddler developmental specialist a few weeks after that). We started to see improvements in understanding and attention slowly, but not really in the speech area. He babbled plenty and they were very pleased with the variety of sounds he babbled, but no words. I remember at his 2 year appt telling his pedi that he had 6 words. Then all of the sudden within two weeks after that he opened up and words started coming out left and right. Now at almost 27 months he is still not as talkative as his sister, but he puts words together like "Yummy gapes (grapes) mama" "More nana pease (please)" and is just starting on possesive's like "dada's chair" and we even saw a verb the other day "I try" - though he was parroting his sister. As of last week he has officially tested out of speech therapy, though we are continuing with the ITDS once a week to monitor his progress and make sure he stays on track.
Anyway, that was a long story to tell you that the Early Invention process was great for us. They walked me through everything, gave me choices in what we wanted to do based on their recommendations and it is 100% free. If you have any questions at all on it, feel free to message me as someone who is in the midst of it right now.
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