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August 11th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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I have a copy of Saxon Math K, which is very structured and written to start in September, so I will probably introduce the concept of seatwork three weeks from tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, it's not a huge deal for me so we'll just borrow a copy of Life of Fred from the library to see if we like it as a read aloud and continue John Holt style old school unschooling--I can always call it something else since I'm not overly attached to that particular word or overly impressed with Sandra Dodd or Dayna Martin's use of it.

I was also planning on doing some sort of letter of the week activities, but ds blew those plans out of water when he read me the first three Bob books in rapid succession and then about half of the first Ball-Stick-Bird book. My revised plans are to use B-S-B for 5-20 minutes a day (or most days) but in the same spirit I read to him and maybe do some additional phonics work with Explode the Code or Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading.

I'd also like to do Drawing With Children and some sort of physical activity (bicycling until the rains start and then yoga) on a regular basis, feel okay about saying "no more TV today but you can listen to your SOTW CDs", and of course we'll continue Park Day and other activities with our local homeschooling group.

Hopefully I'll put the curriculum catalogues in the recycling bin and my credit card back in my wallet because we already have way more "stuff" than anyone needs.
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