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August 12th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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Lol, husbands sure think it's funny to joke about eating pets. Mine is guilty of it too.
Here is me and Otis today. I wouldn't dare put a baby around him... he is a sweetheart but if he got spooked and decided to bite he could do some serious damage! He has his own small patio room so I don't have to worry about bird on baby contact at all, but I'm sure a baby would be freaked out by a parrot anyways. I was scared to death of parrots when I was small.

I didn't feel like changing clothes to long-sleeve and didn't want him to mess up my jacket so I risked him scratching me. Surprisingly, I only have 1 tiny puncture mark on my hand where his nail was poking me. Did I mention I REALLY need to clip his nails?? If I am sneaky he doesn't even notice when I do it but I'm so lazy....


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