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August 12th, 2013, 02:32 PM
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Seeing as how I am WTTC #3, my parenting ways are already in! However, I definitely need to visit my organizational skills, how we will tend to 3, keep up with housework, ensure that each one has one on one time, plus sibling time, etc.

Before I had #1, I had a pre-conception visit, actually, I did this with #2 as well, just not as in depth, it was during my regular annual My doc tested my thyroid, immunizations, titers, etc, talked about "how to conceive", when to come to her if we hadn't conceived yet, etc. It was very eye opening and gave me a chance to really get to know my doctor.

I also went on WW, I didn't necessarily need to lose weight, but I did need to learn how to eat healthier and drink more water and that was exactly what I needed!

The finance thing was something we should have worked on, we did much better with #2, we really are going to start looking at that kind of thing this time as well. We are waiting until DD1 is in school so daycare costs are not through the roof (they already are, but we can bring them down by ensuring she is in school). Explore your options if daycare is something that you will need to pursue, look at centers, nannies, in home daycare, family members, etc.

And the biggest one, enjoy your alone time with DH, do some things that you might not be able to do after baby, or at least things you won't be able to do for some time after baby (since I don't believe that children hinder anything, they just make it a little less easy...hehe). Also, discuss everything with DH, how you will go at the birth (natural, drugs, hospital, birth center), what you want out of him during pregnancy, etc.

Good luck! And welcome!
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