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August 12th, 2013, 06:53 PM
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I am currently grieving and recovery my 3rd pregnancy loss. When should I suspect Af will come? I just wish she would hurry up so I can move forward. When should I suspect my body to ovulate? Should I buy ovulation test to see if I body will ovulate? or what?


I was feeling fine today, bleeding stopped and cramps stopped. Well, my partner and I had emotional connection and it lead to sex. I know, I know... Glady, he did wear a condom. It didn't last long because sex wasn't comfortable and then the cramps came back and now slight bleeding. We are now worried that we might have did harm to my body, since my body is recovering from my recent loss. I am currently taking antibiotics that the Doctor gave me to prevent infection. Did I just harm my body? My partner and I decided to wait a few weeks before we have sex and then let nature takes it's course before we try again.
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