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Sorry it took so long to get this birth story up... He is now 12 days old and I am just now pulling out my computer. It is in sections so you can skip over parts.

Leading up to Labor:

It all started one week before going into the hospital.. Tuesday July 23rd I was dilated 1cm and lost a huge amount of the mucus plug and it was bloody so I was really hoping labor would come that night.. well, a few contractions through the week and nothing still.. That Friday I lost even more mucus and it was definitely the bloody show this time! There couldnt possibly be anymore. Friday night I started getting more contractions. I timed them and they were about a minute long each and 3 minutes part for a couple hours straight. I didnt feel like they were strong enough to be doing anything but being really annoying so I left it alone and sure enough they tapered off. Saturday the contractions were back more at night and I couldnt sleep through them. Same through Sunday and Monday. Monday I was so tempted to go into L&D but I had an appointment the next morning so I waited it out.

Tuesday, July 30th.. it was my birthday. I had my appointment in the morning and I was at 3cm. My OB told me since Im so close, Im having contractions that are keeping me up, and he is so big that if I were to go into the hospital they wouldnt send me home.. and they let the midwife on call know the situation. I called my sister to come down since I was going into the hospital that day.. She came down, I put the hospital bag in the trunk of my car.. then we went to IHOP for my "last meal" before delivery. I had a birthday coupon, so I thought why not? lol. Then I wasn't ready to go in yet so we headed over to Target to get some snacks to put in my hospital bag. I wasn't getting contractions like I had been but I was bleeding some so I decided to just go in and say my contractions were 5 minutes apart while being admitted because I knew I wasn't going home without a baby and didnt want the triage staff to send me home.

At the Hospital

Around 6pm on July 30th I got to the hospital. They wanted me to change and leave a urine sample so I went into the bathroom in my room and felt like I peed more than I thought I did.. I wiped and then I had another small gush. I thought my water broke but it was just really leaking a lot at that point. When the nurse midwife showed up who would be delivering me she checked me and said I was 5-6cm and water was still intact (despite the puddle I was making on the bed) and then I got a big gush while her hand was there and she said "oops- nope nevermind, your water is broken" The swab they did before she checked came back saying I was leaking amniotic fluid anyway so it was going to break any time anyway. I had meconium in the fluid so they had called to prepare for some nicu staff to be there just in case when I start pushing.

After my water broke I started getting much more intense contractions but I felt just fine. Yeah, they stopped me in my tracks while I was walking the floor but I could get through them. I tried the jacuzzi tub and it really helped through some contractions. Around midnight they checked me again and I was stuck at 6cm so they started pitocin. Those contractions really were no fun and since I had no sleep nights before and I really wanted to push this big baby out on my own I knew I needed my strenght.. soo, while I was hooked up to an IV anyway I caved and went for the epidural since I did not want him to get stuck while pushing and have to have an emergency c section like my OB said was more likely to happen. I was able to relax through the contractions. The epidural started wearing off around 2:30 so I could feel everything again. I seriously felt like I was going to poop out the baby there was soo much pressure there.

at 2:50 I start pushing.. at 3:05 Elliot Alexander was born 20inches 9lbs 10oz with a ton of hair! He did cause 3rd degree tears, though.. so I had so many stitches I lost count

They handed him right off to the nicu staff to get him breathing a little better but he doesnt leave the room. I get to hold him but his lungs needed a little more clearing out so he goes back for a few minutes then is mine and all better. He had a HUGE bruise on his forehead, though. He decided to come out forehead first and apparently his shoulders came out a strange way, too. Two hours in the labor and delivery room and then they move me down to the mommy and baby suite with a bed there for my sister and they give me motrin and percocet.

The baby stays in my room with me in his own crib. The first night I wanted to sleep but kept staring at him. In the mommy and baby suite I had a hard time getting him to latch on and he was sooo fussy. I was very concerned that he wasn’t really getting anything but the hospital staff didn’t seem to care all that much so I was sent home on Thursday afternoon and had to go back

After Delivery/Readmitted to NICU:

I went home and figured out the latch much better myself but he still didn’t eat a whole lot. Friday night he was completely inconsolable. I fed him and cuddled him and made sure his diaper was dry yet all he did was scream this high pitched scream. I felt like I was going to go crazy if this is his normal behavior but something didn’t seem right. I had an early appointment on Saturday so I went and the doctor said he was really yellow and suggested maybe supplementing with formula until my milk came in because she saw how much he just screamed and cried for no reason. He calmed down some when he was trying to nurse so she thought he could be just very hungry. I then was sent to the lab to get his bilirubin levels checked for jaundice since he was kind of yellow and then sent home to wait for a call with results.

On the drive home, Elliot went very quiet and slept. I thought at first he was just finally sleeping and relaxing some. Then when I got home he stayed very very sleepy and would not eat anything! I was getting very very scared and waiting for the results. About an hour and a half later I got a call from the pediatrician saying she already arranged it in the hospital and they were expecting me back in the NICU. His bilirubin levels were dangerously high and she stressed that it was at the levels that if it stayed that high it could lead to brain damage so I should bring him to the NICU to get the lights going then head down to the ER to check him in and to expect at least 48 hours. I brought him in right away after quickly packing a diaper bag with some clothes for him and some cash for me to eat. They set me up in their courtesy family sleep room so I can stay with him since Im breastfeeding. They set him up with the lights and I settled in. The nurse would call the room each time he was waking up so I could go feed him. I was exhausted so I decided to get some sleep. I was happy each time to hear the phone call but he was having trouble eating from me so I was set up with a pump and he was bottle fed at first. Then I was able to breastfeed but he couldn’t keep his eyes open long so after I breastfed he was also fed breastmilk by bottle. He needed to up his intake because to get rid of the jaundice he needed to poop and pee it out they said. Luckily that day is when my milk came in.. not so fun for me. I needed to pump to relieve the engorgement I was getting from him not eating much from me. I was there Saturday, Sunday, and all of Monday before going home. His levels were still elevated but safe enough to go home for things to get better on their own.

I had to follow up a few days later to check him in the clinic. He was doing well. At one week exactly he was back above birth weight at 9lbs 12 oz. The pediatrician said he was soo strong when checking him out and such a fast healer because his umbilical cord had fallen off on its own quickly and his kicks and movements were soo strong for a newborn. She also seemed shocked at how good his head control was already and compared it to a 2 month old.

Since he has been home, he has had a few nights of keeping me up all night with fussiness that made me feel like I was about to go crazy as I wasn’t sleeping during the day since I had to take care of other things. Last night I was soooo happy to wake up every two hours to feed him because he went back to sleep after and didn’t keep me up the whole night. Ive been trying to keep him up between feedings during the day if he will stay up so he can sleep better at night. I did take him shopping with me to get a few nursing bras and to Walmart quickly and he did well. I go back tomorrow for his two week checkup and everything seems to be going well. I am so happy to have him and I love my snuggles with him. Yeah, Im exhausted for now but things will be better once his days and nights are straight.

Right after birth

Being weighed

First day alive eyes open

First day with his bruised up face

in the mommy baby suite when I wanted to put him down temporarily

some of the mommy baby suite

where my sister slept in my room

Saturday when he would do nothing but sleep

under the blue lights

the sleep room they set me in when he was in NICU

10 days old- looking and feeling much better

in his rocking chair that vibrates- unsure of the vibration.. but much more alert!

not the best picture.. but loving snuggles.

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