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August 13th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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I have two daughters, 1 and 3. My husband and I are 28. We are pulling ourselves out from under student loans. We rent an apartment. Yesterday, I took a pregnancy test because I was late starting my period. I have a copper IUD, so it should be idiot-proof. The test was slightly positive.

Assuming this isn't a tubal pregnancy, the test is accurate, and I don't miscarry, my husband would prefer that I get an abortion. Here are the reasons why:
  • I'm starting graduate school on the 21st.
  • I'm the main bread winner and would likely lose my job if I was pregnant again so soon
  • We're having marital problems and our relationship is strained.
  • The baby is still very young and needs a lot of mommy time.
  • Daycare is extremely expensive.
  • The oldest is in the process of having an official Apserger's diagnosis. There's already a lot of work to be done raising her.
  • Did I mention we're stressed to the max?
  • I can't quit my job to stay home because the student loan bills come due whether you have 0 children or 10. Buying diapers isn't the issue here.

Reasons to keep the pregnancy:
  • I feel like I'm killing my child.
  • I have excellent health insurance and short term disability. If I wasn't dumped by my company, I would be in a good place.

Adoption isn't an option for us. I was adopted and would honestly have rather been aborted than deal with some of the issues I've dealt with. That's another debate for another time, but I wanted to close that argument.

I feel like I would be hurting everyone around me if I kept this baby. Are there any rational reasons to keep this pregnancy? Help me.
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