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August 13th, 2013, 06:58 PM
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Sam's room looks fun! Great job! And $90 is nothing to sneeze at. Have you met some of the kids? Will there be a transition period or does he just start full-time the first day? Is Sydney ready for kindergarten?

Michelle, I actually have two friends that are going through huge marital drama at the moment. Both couples are in counselling. I think one couple will be ok and the other couple just needs to accept it won't work out and move on. Unfortunately there are kids involved, but my friend is really miserable. I try to be on her side, but don't say too much negative about her DH, just in case. And he's a good guy, they're just really not good for each other.

Leah can't wait to go back to school. She misses her friends and is tired of James. Hopefully her and her friends stay in the same class. There's a chance the kids will be split into two groups.

James and I are in playdate mode this week. We met a couple of his school friends Monday, and today we spent time with the friend I mentioned above and her kids. Tomorrow it's more friends at the park. Potty training is going ok. I'm keeping him in pull-ups, but calling them underwear. I just can't handle anymore poopy underwear. It's working. I caught him once today starting a #2 and we ran to the bathroom. The other times, he has told me. Once he gets the hang of that, I'll work on teaching him to pull his pants and underwear on and off.
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