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August 14th, 2013, 07:05 AM
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Her appointment was at nearly 6.5 months, but here are her stats:
6 month weight: 16lb 12.5oz (53%)
6 month height: 27 inches (82%)
Milestones? sitting like a pro, turning circles and scooting backwards. And she's NEARLY figured out crawling, just can't quite get the hands and legs to move in coordination so she usually faceplants after moving her knees forward but keeping her hands in place, lol! She talks a lot (DH swears she had said both ba-ba for her bottle and ma-ma when she sees me, I think it's mostly just random baby babbling. But I like that she's doing ma-ma first anyway) and has started solids, but doens't like them much at all.
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