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August 14th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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I'm new to the board and happy to be here. I'm 41 and this is my first full month off birth control. I took 7 BC pills in the beginning of my cycle last month so wasn't TTC until August. I am 5 DPO today and really just happy that I've seen a temp shift and think I've ovulated. I have four children, two teenage daughters and two little boys who are not yet school age. My oldest daughter and youngest son are both September babies. My daughter is almost 16 and my son is almost 3.

I took an MRI which spotted a ton of potential problems but non of them are panning out, thankfully. They thought I may have a pituitary adenoma which can potentially cause fertility problems. I then decided to get off the pill and see if my fertility was compromised. So here I am in my first cycle off.

So, like I said I am 5 DPO today and I think I have an actual chance of being preggers? I keep thinking my symptoms are just normal cycle stuff that I haven't been used to because I've been on BC for a while. I guess I'd like to ask what you all think. Yesterday, on 4 DPO I had a significant temp dip and brown spotting in creamy cm on toilet paper. (Sorry, TMI I know). I was also able to smell everything. I have been constantly running to the restroom. I swear I have went three times in the last half hour? My temp was way up this morning and I could tell it would be - my body felt like an oven last night. I've had some typical symptoms like slight cramping, nipple pain, bloating, gas, constipation etc... as well. I have also been very hungry and get nauseated if I don't eat something FAST after getting this way. I had implantation and BFP extremely early with my last pregnancy and my dates were confirmed by early ultrasound so I know it's possible to get implantation at 4 DPO.

Feedback is , of course, greatly appreciated.

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