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August 14th, 2013, 01:19 PM
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hi my names alicia and me and my husband have been trying to conceive for 8 months now. I got off the IUD at the end of January after being in it for 5yrs. Since getting it removed, I've gone thru too many HPT to count every month. Every month it seems my period is coming later and late and I get the cravings and moodiness so I take test after test which becomes more and more depressing with every negative I get and than my period will start.... We are now in the month of August and about 9 days ago I had some slight bleeding,( if that's what u call it), from wednesday night to friday morning which i found kinda u usual considering my period wasnt due for another two weeks. the bleeding was very light peaches/ brown discharge when i would wipe the first night the next day it was a bright pinkish/red in the morning than back to the peach/brown the last day. during those days i wore light tampins and pantyliners but they always came out clean, it only seemed to be in the morning when i wiped...(sorry for all the TMI:tmi could this have been Implantation bleeding??? i took a test this past sunday night (3days after the bleeding stopped) it came back negative, i figured maybe it was too early to test still since I still have about 5 days till my period starts (if it decides to starts on time this month) I have my hopes up really high but at the same time I am scared to be this excited cuz I don't know if I can take any more negatives! the pressure is on, and this waiting game is gettin very old, at this point I think I need all the baby dust and support I can get!! Really hoping this is the month for my family and I!
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