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August 14th, 2013, 07:20 PM
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Aaron Nicole
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Now that I have a computer I can come and type on the keyboard than on my phone!!!!!

Glad to hear everyone's doing great! Zayden is such a fun boy to be with. He makes me laugh and we sign all the time. He is now copying my signs and it's SO cute! His fave sign is POOP. LOL

We have been having speech therapy for the past few months. His speech is soooo great now than before we started! I highly recommend to check into Early Intervention or First Steps.

Zayden has zero interest in potty training. He loves to sit on the toilet and just laugh.

Victor and I are doing good.. we have our ups and downs but we are strong. We TTC'd on and off. I had ovarian cysts and was put on BCP for 3 months last spring. So we are just NTNP right now.

Sharon, wow I bet that was hard to send the kids back in public school.

Age 36 with PCOS, poor ovarian reserve (.197), and blocked left fallopian tube.
We are TTC our 2nd blessing baby.
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