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August 14th, 2013, 08:47 PM
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Dana, I only do water bath canning right now: fruits, jams and jellies, tomato products, and pickles. I have a large freezer for my veggies. Unfortunately, my landlord doesn't let me have a garden so i have to get my goodies from the farmer's market, a CSA, or friends' excess.

LSJ: OOH!!! OOOH!!! OOOH!!!! Do you have a fertility friend chart I can stalk? I'm so excited for you! If that was MY body, those would be extremely promising symptoms. You're the same age I was when i was TTCing my now-five year old and i have a LOT to say about unnecessary scaremongering of older mamas.

It would be statistically unlikely for a random 41 year old to naturally conceive during her first cycle off the pill but you're not a random statistic and neither is little ds, who is healthy, happy, sassy, full of fun, close to his siblings, reading at a young age, and sitting right next to me.

TTC is different in our 40s, but so worth it; it took me two years to get ds but I'm so glad I didn't give up and learning about how my body works has helped me to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the journey of menopause (so far; I'm not done yet) instead of wanting to medicate it away.

This is prime time for you--the celebrities you see giving birth in their late 40s and early 50s are using donor eggs and there is a huge market for this "profitable industry" that I don't want to be a target for nor do I want to see you or anybody else lose your dreams and life savings from thinking that you can wait "just a little bit longer" because you have been deceived into not knowing that "just until I get a better job" or "just until we can afford a bigger house" is too late.


/chatty cathy newbie settling in and settling down
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