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August 15th, 2013, 07:36 AM
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I'm going to try my best to be good the rest of the day but I'm not making any promises. I feel way better now and don't have any urges to snack. I really shouldn't yet since I ate "first breakfast" and "brunch" all at the same time this morning

My DH and my best friend are going to my appointment with me on Monday, so I will be SHOCKED if my Dr makes a big deal about my weight in front of them. I just know he will be thinking rude things when he see's my weight jump from last month. I'm still doing good on weight gain, or at least I think I am. At my last appointment (a month ago) I was down 1 lb from my pre-pregnancy weight. But, now I am up 6 lbs from then which was gained all in 1 month's time AND that was with me eating really healthy. I just feel like he is going to act, or at least *think* that's a LOT of weight to gain in 1 month. Even though technically it's 7 lbs total for the whole 19 weeks I've been pregnant.

I'm not worried about gaining weight, I'm worried what my Dr might say about it. I already know I can lose it all after baby is born. I've done it before. I just don't like the way my Dr made me feel when he looked at my weight in his chart. It was like I disgusted him. Arrggg!! I'm freakin pregnant!! Why can't people be kind about the whole weight thing??! It's already a touchy topic for most women and now I am worrying about what 1 ignorant male thinks about it?!? I seriously need to chill out, keep eating healthy, and if I gain weight each month and my Dr doesn't like it then I need to put him in his place!

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