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August 15th, 2013, 07:58 AM
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Gosh Melissa, I can't believe your almost 13 weeks! It honestly feels like last week you were only 7 weeks along!! Does it feel like it's going by fast for you so far?

When is your next appointment? Aug 19th! It's my fun, long ultrasound and hopefully baby shows us the goods otherwise I don't know when they plan on doing my next one. I'm really excited about finding out if baby is a girl or boy! I can't wait.

Anything new to report about your pregnancy? Baby kicks are getting a little harder and happening more frequently. No waddling yet, but jeeze it is getting harder and harder to stand up from a sitting position.

How are you feeling? Pretty good. My appetite has picked up but I just need to choose an apple or 2 over rice crispy treats and donuts, then I should be okay. I have noticed a slight heartburn feeling starting to come on the past 2 nights before bed. I'm hoping it has to do with my poor eating the last couple days and doesn't mean I'm about to experience the all-day, every-day heartburn symptoms. I could do without that for another couple months!!! It was SO BAD with Clyde.... so so soooo bad!!!

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