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August 15th, 2013, 09:24 AM
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Thank you. I gained about 35 lbs the first time and was probably already up about 15-17 lbs by now. My weight did jump up a little near the end of my first pregnancy but I was having a pizza phase near the end. DH would take me to a pizza buffet like 2-3 times a week... all you can eat pizza, pasta, and all kinds of deserts (my favorite was the powdered sugar covered brownies, they were so moist). Oh, plus Halloween candy. We only got maybe 3-4 trick or treaters last year so I had a huge bowl of candy slapping me in the face.

I'm thinking about 30 lbs this time will be what I end up at since I'm not going to go Halloween candy crazy this year and I've been avoiding pizza like the plague.

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