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August 15th, 2013, 09:30 AM
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Melissa - I hope everything went awesome with your NT scan! can't wait for your update

Ame - how exciting you'll be finding out boy/girl so soon!!! KUP!


When is your next appointment? I just had 2 (high risk on Tue, OB on Wed), next appt will be my weekly with high risk OB on 8/20.

What is that appointment for? I do a weekly NST with high risk OB and they do a L2 u/s to check blood flow to baby & baby growth (baby growth is generally assessed every 2 weeks, but the blood flow is every week). These are all precautionary scans due to my history & being on blood thinners.

Have you scheduled your gender scan yet? LOL eons ago, but since I don't have it in my siggy, we are expecting a little sister for Savannah

Anything new to report about your pregnancy? How are you feeling? Definitely some new stuff to report, as of Tue scan baby flipped and is no longer breech but head down as she should be (hooray!!), so now just hoping she stays put. Baby failed the Tue NST at 20 min mark (sigh) but passed at 30 min mark, and blood flow looked good so high risk OB wasn't too concerned. Her weight % fell a bit (from 55% to 50%) but because she gained sufficiently, again Dr not very concerned...she's now 5lbs 4oz At reg OB appt yesterday I learned that I actually lost weight (2lbs) since last appt 2 weeks ago, so I've only gained 13lbs total so explanation really. They found some sugar in my urine sample but not enough to get worked up about although I guess they'll watch that more closely since I'm also losing weight. BP was perfectly normal Induction is definitely happening at 38 weeks, so I basically have less than 4 to go until I'm holding my little miracle

I am actually feeling much better since she went head down...the two weeks she spent transverse (1 week) and breech (1 week) SUCKED it was super painful. Now admittedly with her head down the pelvic pressure & back pain is worse, but definitely preferable to not being able to breathe and feeling like my ribs were being broken Not sleeping well, but I didn't at this point with Savannah either...

Savannah Stylin!

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