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August 15th, 2013, 10:18 AM
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I had my NT Scan this morning and baby looked great. The darn little thing was standing on it's head so it took forever for the tech to get the measurements. She started out doing a abdominal ultrasound and couldn't get baby to move, so she had me walk around and jump up and down trying to get baby to move but baby just wouldn't budge. So then she did a vaginal ultrasound and was afraid that she wouldn't get it that way but thankfully baby moved enough for her to the them. The fluid at the back of the neck was 1.4mm and dr said below 2 mm was a really good sign. And baby had a nasal bone which is also a good sign. Baby was measuring about a week ahead of time so the High Risk dr is recommending that we change my due date. I see my regular OB next Wednesday so I guess he will decide whether to change it or not. I thought I was pretty sure on when I ovulated but now I'm not so sure. Baby is measuring exactly with my LMP but I thought I ovulated around day 21 but now I wonder if I was wrong.

We did decide to go ahead and do the Materni21 testing to make sure that baby has no chromosomal problems plus that will tell us the gender. We will have the results back in 2 1/2 weeks so I should know then what we are having. i'm pretty sure baby is healthy but knowing or sure with that test will be a nice reassurance.

I go back next month to see the High Risk dr again. I thankfully really liked him. I guess due to what they call Advanced Maternal Age (which I totally hate that term) I am considered high risk and will see him several times through my pregnancy.

here are some pics.


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