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August 15th, 2013, 11:57 AM
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For meds, I was on estrogen (injectable), 1cc every 3rd day, and started 2cc PIO 5 days before the transfer. I also did the Estrace suppositories the week before the transfer, but still my lining was only 7.5mm the day of the transfer (I have always struggled with lining).

No antibiotics, no Viagra, no Lupron, etc. Mine was really simple.

As far as bedrest, I was told 24-hours strict bedrest after the transfer. My RE was mad I was driving myself from his office to my hotel (maybe 6 blocks)! I almost didn't listen to him but I'm glad I did...I had lots of little twinges and cramps and pulling that night and I swear my little beans were snuggling in

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