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August 15th, 2013, 01:18 PM
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Thank you so much for all of that info, Lash! It is very helpful and has helped me with research as well. I'm so sorry for all that you have gone through. I hope and pray your rainbow baby is right around the corner!

Today we had our 1st consult with the doctor to finally go over all of the test results officially and discuss treatment plans. I found out that my Vitamin D level is super low so I need to go on a supplement for that (he said it was 14 and should be over 30). They will recheck that in 3 weeks.

FINALLY found out my AMH and it is 1.28 ng/ml. My doc said that is on the low side. I need to do research to find out just how bad that is.

My doc said we have 2 options: IUI with FSH or IVF. Next week on Tuesday after my Pre-Op appt we will be meeting with the lady to discuss pricing.

I also asked my doctor about natural ways to help out the eggs and he recommended CoQ-10, he said it has proven results. So I'm going to start that supplement.

My surgery is set for next Wednesday to remove the polyp. He said it is possibly the polyp caused the placental abruption of my 22 week loss if the placenta was on top of it or next to it. So it's a good thing we are getting that out of there. He still thinks the 2 earlier losses were b/c of a bad egg.

He also said it is possible that some months I could have more than the 2 follicles on one side and I asked him that if he thinks my left ovary (Has 0 follicles) has officially retired. He said he's not completely sure and that it could still have more eggs in it. He will know for sure if it responds to medication. Also, it's possible that I have endometriosis on the ovaries that has caused damage.

So, for now, I will be taking the supplements and just continuing on to next week for the surgery and more info on IUI/IVF. Also, on the 27th, I will have a nutrition class I will be going to.

Also, I'm going to be reading the book Infertility Cure. I heard good things about it online!

I don't know much about IUI with FSH. So I have lots of research to do in case that is an option we decide to try out. Does anybody here have experience with that?

BTW...all of my husband's test results came back perfect! I'm SO jealous!
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