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August 15th, 2013, 04:37 PM
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Hi ladies.I'm a guy but i need your advice.I'm so stressed because my girlfriend is pregnant and she says the child is mine.what happened is that we had sex on Sunday,30 June 2013(our first time and USED A CONDOM),and as we were chilling on Thursday 4 July,she became all sick(nausea,feeling bloated,intense sense of smell,weirdest of cravings). it happened the following day and i took her to the doctor.when she got out she told me that the tests said she is my question is,is it possible to have morning sickness 4 days after sex,and is it even possible to show that shes pregnant within 5 days?I'm not denying that the baby is mine,it is just that i want to be 100% sure because I have uncovered so much lies in the past few weeks and I'mstarting to doubt if it is mine.I think the most important factors are that it was our first time having sex,and that we used a condom(it did not break).I did my crash course on pregnancies and i realized that implantation(which takes between 6-12 days) has to occur before the hCG hormone is released/produced.this is the hormone used to determine your pregnancy status.

Let me close of by asking those two questions:
--is it possible,by the slightest chance,to have morning sickness 4 days after sex?
--is it possible to have a positive pregnancy test 5 days after sex?

im losing my mind trying to figure out if I'm the father.its 1 in the morning in SA and I'm always online looking for help while i should be sleeping.this has been going on since the day she told me i made her all honesty,i think the guy she thought was the man of her dreams told her to get lost and denied the baby and now shes using me so that the baby can at least have a father.
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