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August 16th, 2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by ImALittleTeaPot View Post
Hope you don't mind my two cents on the issue... I've been meal planning all two years we've been married, and I have some things that work well for me.

When we lived in town and I could easily do my shopping the day ads came out, I would always look at the ads in the morning, then plan the meals. That way, I never had to worry if what I needed was on sale. I'd plan around the sales! Also... I always stocked up on certain things when they were on sale: hamburger, chicken thighs/breasts, spaghetti sauce, (and chips/pudding for DH's lunch.)

My second tip is to be flexible on the schedule. It got to where I would resent what meal I planned for that day. So now, I have a variety of options and then in the AM, DH & I talk about what he wants for dinner that night. It works so much better for us!

Good luck! Meal planning is a lot of work, but oh so worth it!!!
Our ads come out Sunday, and on Sunday I shop for DH's lunch food (cause it's his day off)... then Sunday nights I will clip the coupons, wait for the local circulars to come to the house (which is usually Sunday evening) and then plot the sales.

I did this weeks plan and next weeks plan off what I know I already have in the house, plus what's on sale Today since I need to get a few groceries (95% ground beef for example, even though I just got 10lbs of 90% last week).

I have quite the food stash built up, so my plan is to incorporate what I have when ever possible.

Originally Posted by momology View Post
mmmmmmmm everything sounds so yummy!!!!!!!!! how do you make that pizza crust that is super exciting!!! Also what is the chicken alfredo bake?? that sounds amazing. trying not to be too greedy here and ask for everything
1 cup self rising flour (important, you can't use regular flour) and 1 cup greek yogurt. I always need more flour than yougurt. The dough is dense, but you can easily make a 12" pizza with 1 batch. Dh will use packaged mix for his he doesn't like the yogurt one.

Cut up the chicken in small pieces, cook with diced garlic (I buy pre done garlic in a squeeze bottle because we go through so much I was bruising my hands with the press ) until done. While you're doing that take the edge off some pasta, any kind. I bought Bowtie (or what ever the real name is for bowtie, it starts with an F). Just cook it a few minutes then drain. Put it back in the pot (I use a cast iron dutch oven.. can also use crock pot), add a bottle of your favorite alfredo sauce (or a bottles worth of homemade), add chicken, add some water (this isn't an exact science, start small with one cup, increase until you know how much water it takes to get your pasta to the tenderness you want, I figure it'll be 1.5-2 cups like the ziti bake) and simmer until the tenderness you like. You can either top it with mozza cheese and let it melt, or stirr in some fresh Parmesan.

For ziti bake and Spaghetti sauce:

Brown lb ground beef with garlic and onions (I use dried onions)
Add favorite pasta sauce (this makes alot, I use a Sams Club sized jug of sauce)
Season to taste (I use Basil, Oregano, Sugar and Chili powder)
Allow to simmer for a bit so it's thicker.

For spaghetti, serve over noodles

For ziti bake. Put about 2-3 cups sauce in a pot (depending on how much you are making), add uncooked ziti and 1.5 cups of water. Simmer on low. If putting in crock pot, set to low. Allow pasta to cook. Depending on how you like it, you may need to add more water (I will try and measure exactly how much water I use this time.. I don't cook by numbers, I cook by taste which makes giving recipes hard ). When it's to the right tenderness.. sprinkle the top of the pasta with mozza cheese, and put a lid on it. Cheese will turn gooey.

I use the dutch oven for this, but I have used the crock pot with success after having frozen the ziti mix before cooking. I've also cooked it to done, put it in a baking dish and baked the cheese on it.. but I like my cheese gooey

and you can add which ever veggies you like to your food. DH won't eat them, so I don't bother. I'll steam broccoli to go with the alfredo bake.
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