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August 16th, 2013, 06:21 PM
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Welp... I figure the spotting these last two days pretty much means I did actually O, so progesterone cream is a go, not that I expect it to help any, I have bigger problems I suspect. *sigh* Pro-tip, take a shower before using progesterone cream otherwise you'll end up like me, running around with greasy hair all day because I didn't want to rinse it off before it can do it's work. I'll try to remember this tonight so I can at least take a shower before bed. Luckily I was only seen out in public for a few minutes today...

I didn't do the pineapple core because timing the purchase of fresh pineapple is hard, the supermarkets sell it unripened and I never know exactly when I'm going to O. If you do find a ripe one, the bottom is rotten which grosses me out, but I do have bromelain (sp?) in a pill so I started taking that yesterday as well. Also, going to try taking lady's mantle, I have heard it might calm my "angry uterus" down a little. At least I'm going to be busy as heck the over the next couple weeks so the wait should be bearable. If I make it the full two weeks I'll actually test the day I am supposed to be leaving for a 2 week trip for work. Ok... let's be honest, I'll test long before then.
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