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August 16th, 2013, 07:01 PM
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I woke up,this morning to a call from the ultrasound department. They are postponing my ultrasound until SEPTEMBER THE EIGHTH. I told the woman this is unacceptable, I've been waiting for this US since MAY and it is a timed test, it can't be fooled with! (This ultrasound was not booked to look at a baby, it was booked t look at a suspicious spot on my uterus that was left after my miscarriage.)

I'm so upset. I haven't had a dr appointment, I haven't had anything since the day of bleeding 9 days ago. Even then they told me that could have been the start of a miscarriage but I have no way of following up! I've called the local midwives twice and my GYN is gone for all of August. I'll be eight weeks on Sunday with no prenatal care in sight!

I did call a medical centre in New York State to ask some questions. I hope they get back to me.

Does anyone know how much an ultrasound is without insurance? Can I just walk in and get one? Any idea how it would work if I'm not an American?

I'd just like to know if my baby is alive and apparently that is too much for them to handle in my county!
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