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August 16th, 2013, 08:16 PM
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Jess, I got pregnant while nursing my oldest dd. I'm not sure if it was a change in the taste of my breast milk, but she weaned herself soon after. She was right at a year old at the time.

Kyah is still breast fed. She hasn't had regular milk yet. She nurses every 4 hours or so right now, with the longest feeding at bedtime. We also still co-sleep, so she wakes up sometimes at night just to nurse. She never even opens her eyes, lol. Right now I do not have any "plans" of weaning. I guess I am sort of hoping she will wean herself around a year old. That's in a month, and at this point I don't see that happening. I'll re-evaluate when she turns a year old and try to fit in regular milk at some point after she turns one year.

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