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August 16th, 2013, 08:31 PM
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***Sorry In Advance Major Venting Ahead!!!Please feel free to skip this, I just seriously needed to get it out today, I apologize if I offend anyone as it is not my intentions at all***
This week has proven to be a total bust. We ended up in cps office monday morning, as bm left detox on friday(not suposed to be out until the 30th in a mandatory 42 day program) The placement she had chosen to leave her 4 1/2 year old dd and her 18 month old ds turned out to be the worst possible place to have the little darlings(imagine the worst case scenario happened ).
Long story short, the social worker that has been handling this case is on vacation and wont be back until the 28th, so we have been dealing with another social worker who isnt really fully involved or completely up on the case. The story we have been given is that the bm, upon hearing what happened with the dd at the placement, left detox and went and got the 3 kids back( including baby-my niece)on Friday. Cps showed up early Saturday morning to make sure she was clean when she openly admitted she would test positive for drugs because she has taken oxicontin, so cps took the kids yet again! No thinking about her little dd's well being like a mother should be doing, she just decides to take some more drugs and have dd taken away and placed with strangers again...makes me so sad and angry!! Then when we thought that they would finally do something for the childrens sake now, given the series of events including her leaving a mandatory detox center, they tell us they are going to try to encourage her to get some help for herself and give her some time to figure ut if she wants to keep the children and sober up..and that she could potentially maintain her parental rights(via social services) for the next 15 months unless a judge decides otherwise. So all three children may potentially sit in foster homes, or being bounced around in the system until either she finally cleans up or a judge determined she is unfit! The maximum time the social worker has seen this happen is 15 months... SIGH!!! I am seriously hoping that the original social worker has some different more positive news when she comes back, because it breaks my heart to see 3 little children suffer this way. Unfortunately I dont get any say in what happens with her first two little ones(wish I did because I would take them too), but the third one is my niece, so you can bet Im going to do everything I can to help ensure she gets a loving and stable home with a family that she deserves! Its just soooo incredibly discouraging when it feels like we are fighting city hall to help this innocent little baby have a chance...why do these drug addicted individuals get all the breaks and chances it seems I feel so defeated, helpless and sad to my core.

***Sorry my original post states that her older children were 6 and 4, but only recently have their true ages been revealed to us as 4 1/2 and 18 months. So I apologize for any confusion
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