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August 16th, 2013, 10:01 PM
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as a 17 year old, trying to juggle a part time job, a full time college class load, a relationship (baby daddy, going on 3 years), and adjusting to the idea of being a mom, it is rough. i see girls my age going off to college, going to europe, going on vacation with their boyfriends.. and we're struggling to find our own place that would be sensible for work and our family. it's really, really hard. i was excited when i found out. she's not even here yet and i already can't imagine my life without her. but reality keeps hitting me in the face and it hurts.

if you want anyone to talk to, i have no advice, but i know exactly what you're going through because i'm doing it myself. i sometimes feel like i've had some experiences stolen- i can't celebrate my 18th birthday at the casino like we'd planned, i'm having my baby shower that day instead. if you want, pm me, and we can vent to each other.
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