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August 17th, 2013, 12:09 AM
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Being in group for serveral days, I found there are moremoms having more DS than DD. if this happens in my family , my in-laws will be thrilled .
Well, my DH got 1 brother and 1 sister ,someone would say the gender will be kind of "inherited " by family genes
However my DH and his brother all have girls , his brother got 3 DDs, and we got 1 .my parents-in-law are eager to have a grandson to carry on the family name.
I think people always are greedy, we would like to have both genders to complete our family. So I will try to sway for a boy in my next pregnancy.
I am still happyto have a healthy and beatiful DD,but would like to be blessed with a healthy son.
I have bought Dr Shettles' book , and found the details of my conception with my girl is exact same as his method.
ie. timing , 2 days ahead of Oday(acutally I am still not sure as we DTD on CD14 and CD16 , but i found i have EWCM on CD17 morning), DTD in missonary position, No big O ,frequent intercourse .no supplement , go to toilet to wash out after dtd wich will lower sperm count and sways girl .
I did not take serious about the diet because i did not know anythingabout sway before but I like fish much especially shashimi ,prawns.
I would appreciate if those with more than 2 DSs could share your experience on how to concevie a boy . did the postion and big O plays an important role ? or diet most important ?
I always thought before it is just by luck and your destiny.
You don"t need share your exact diet , as I am an Asian, We did not have similar diet culture with westerns . But I need your opinions towards Shettles method. Does it really work for you.
Big O
Coffee before DTD
DTD Frequency

Thank you in advance.
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