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August 17th, 2013, 08:09 AM
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some people do get pregnant the first time they have sex; my mother did. i got pregnant the first time after a three month break. it does happen.

as for symptoms, mine hit me like a ton of bricks immediately. i was vomiting, moody, and exhausted all the time.

i know nothing about the timing, or anything, so i'm going to touch that.

at the first ultrasound, they can usually determine pretty accurately how far along the baby is. that'll help you figure out if you were the one in there at the time of conception. if i were you, i'd insist on being in the room for it so you can hear for yourself what the technician has to say about the baby's age. there is usually a window of time, but with me it was only a few days' time (i was told between 12w,3d and 12w,5d).

if i could be so bold.. may i ask if you want to be the father? or are you just trying to find the truth?
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