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August 17th, 2013, 10:01 AM
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I guess I'll put a little info from the beginning. I hope to keep up with this better than I did with my first. Ok, here's the background.

Nov 28, 2012- our first Francis Alexander was born via c section. 9 lbs 1 oz 21.25 inches

May 26, 2013- we had our perfect, beautiful wedding.
May 27-28, 2013- had a relaxing honeymoon. It was amazing. We DTD twice without protection. I was pretty sure I wasn't ovulating, since a few days before I had an increase in cm and pinching pain on one side, so I thought I was a few days after o. We of course knew pregnancy was possible and were ok with that.

May 28- June 4- no pregnancy symptoms at all. Was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant. I stated testing at like 4 DPO (lol) with my IC tests. All negative of course.

June 5, 2013- 9 DPO- took a test with fmu, obvious negative, no hint of line. I went shopping and got really sick avid thought, I need a more expensive test. Dh said wait till I was late to test again. I'm a poas addict, so I wasn't going to wait to test again, I would just wait to buy a frer. Lol. Went home and took another IC, faint line!! Went and bought a frer anyway, needed to know, pink line!!!! I was pregnant, 3 weeks 2 days.

July 8th- first appt. had ultrasound. Viable pregnancy, baby has string heart beat of 180 but was measuring 2 weeks behind (6 weeks)

July 23rd- follow up ultrasound. Heart rate 176. Baby measuring 2 weeks ahead, back to where I thought. 10 weeks 3 days.

Aug 7th- nt scan. Baby looks great. Very active and moving around. Strong heartbeat. Neck measurment in normal range. Awaiting blood results.

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant. I feel flutters and I'm starting to feel some movement. The first trimester I had all day nausea, exhaustion and excessive salvia and mucus. The saliva has been the worst part and I'm still dealing with it, hope it goes away soon, it makes me sick. The nausea has gotten better over the last week. I'm starting to feel human again! I am excited but still having a hard time believing I'm pregnant. That's all for now.

25 weeks till baby is here
3 weeks till gender ultrasound!
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