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August 17th, 2013, 10:05 AM
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We're still pretty hot...upper 80's...we got some good rain this year...still not enough to officially move us out of drought status, but better than the last couple of years...I'm looking forward to the crispiness of fall air, and the smell of leaves turning...and the first morning where people who have fireplaces make fires and fill the air with that delicious smell too...Winter..I don't really look forward to...just never has been my season...I want to do something special for Mabon this year, but I have no idea what....I mean on a personal, spiritual level...not necessarily decorating (though I do want to make an apple wreath...that's about it for decos though)...Guess I should really start thinking hard about what I'd like to's going to sneak up on me fast, I just know it!

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