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August 17th, 2013, 12:13 PM
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BM8, that was very rude of them. Dh and I are planning a trip without the kids. We've decided that it is something we need to do once a year.

I'd love getting milk for free!!

I had the craziest baby dream last night! I have someone (irl) that has agreed to let me photograph her birth and in my dream she had just had her baby and I was trying to get there but I busy having my own baby that I didn't even know about!
Anyway, baby was born (at my mom's house of all places!) and obviously had girl parts but for some reason everyone kept saying that since it was born so early (even though it looked like a big healthy baby) that it was possible it just hadn't grown it's penis yet and it might come in later.
So I'm all waiting for it to turn into a boy and after a while we finally give up and I said we were just going to have to accept it and give her a name. So I suggest something horrible (but I can't remember what it was I can only remember my dh's reaction to it, lol.) and dh finds my list on my old computer (that doesn't work anymore) and chooses Adelaide and we go around introducing everyone to 'Adley' and we get all these pats on the back for coming to terms that we are never getting another boy.
What do you think my subconscious is trying to tell me??
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