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August 17th, 2013, 12:40 PM
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<3 you Sam

I've been quiet myself because I've been busy... I just spent the last 20 minutes shuffling around the mess in the smaller bedroom so I could hopefully get to some of what was packed in suitcases that needs to be washed. now that's all in the washer and I'm taking a break to eat something.

Greek yogurt cup with fiber stirred in (I'm having issues), two plums and a 23oz bottle of water. Course I took my supplements when I sat down.. and now I'm not hungry anymore

Once I eat I need to strip the bed in the lil bedroom and wash those sheets, he's back on Friday so I'd like his room finished at the very least. He literally had to climb in and out over stuff last time and I felt bad.

Mel.. it feels so weird to be not actively ttc. I've decided to do the EPO full time so I won't even be taking an opk good luck to you

left_field.. will never be tired of your posts!
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