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August 17th, 2013, 01:25 PM
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I love to hear about the canning, I bet your pantry looks gorgeous! I wish I had peaches to can. When I first started law school, I lived on a farm in a rural part of southern IL and had pear and apple trees for canning as well as people selling bushels of peaches and corn down the road for a pittance. I LOVED it, but up here, it's just not affordable. I laugh a little when I read the budgeting articles that suggest hitting up farmer's stands for lower cost produce--that just doesn't happen in this area, it's so in vogue up here to go for the organic local produce that it's priced as a luxury good, so I can't afford a volume that would be worth canning. Although our tomatoes and peppers are producing like crazy this year, so I will can some tomato sauce, salsa and hot sauce at the end of the season.

As far as the folder, I like your philosophy! I wouldn't have taken it to school either, she'll be so much more likely not to forget now. I actually think it's kind of strange that the schools even let the kids call their parents to ask for things they forgot (aside from maybe medicine or lunch?) I agree with you, they should be able to keep track and the consequences of not having it will teach her more than you bringing it would. And to the parents who would criticize you--there is a difference between "being there" for your child in a meaningful and supportive way and "being there" as your child's servant and fairy god-mother; I have to agree with you that the former is the position more likely to result in self-reliant children.

BM8 I'm sorry that your family doesn't think you deserve a break just because you chose to have many children. I agree with M2M they can kick rocks, everyone needs and deserves a break from the demands and pressures and constraints of their every-day life, whatever those might be! I hope you get one. Like M^6, my hubby and I try to take a trip together, even if it's just a weekend, without the kids, whenever I don't have nurslings. And every 5 years we take a trip for 5-7 days somewhere romantic to celebrate big birthdays, just the two of us. Our last one was for my 30th birthday in Madrid and it was amazing and so good for our marriage, and anything that is good for our marriage is good for our family!

M^6 that is a crazy dream! Although, I like the name you guys picked! I wish you lived near me, I'd have you do newborn portraits for Cecily! At the moment, I'd be over the moon to just have ONE picture of all 4 girls looking clean and happy and together, lol

Did any of you see this article Yahoo! Shine - Women's Lifestyle | Healthy Living and Fashion Blogs about how having more siblings decreases your chances of divorce? Always nice to see a piece that has something positive to say about the effects of growing up in a large family!

Both of my babies are napping right now, and DH took the big kids on a 3 hour bike ride and tour of their 3 favorite local playgrounds so I'm enjoying the quiet and putting my feet up. I am not recovering as quickly as I had hoped. I think I just felt so much better and more capable after delivery than I did at the end of the pregnancy that I wanted to do everything once I got home, but my body is not very happy with that approach so I'm trying to obey that and rest a little while I can. So, kept it minimal today, just a ltitle laundry, dishes, loaf of bread and a lot of sitting around. Whenever I climb the stairs or pick up my 2 year old, I start gushing blood, which I didn't have happen with the first three. It's gross and inconvenient, I just want to get back to my regular routine! Also, I'm really swollen. I have NEVER had trouble with swelling during pregnancy or postpartum. And it's not even hot. I don't know why it's so different this time, but my calves and feet and ankles are huge. I'm really annoyed things aren't getting better faster! (end whine)
DH is grilling chicken wings for dinner tonight--YUM! And we are so late to the party but we just discovered Sherlock from BBC America is on Amazon Prime for free, so we each, coincidently, watched the first episode last night, and we were all "I've got to tell you about this show, it's awesome!" and it was the same one, so that's our "date" tonight--chicken wings and Sherlock, topless, I'm sure.
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